520 World Metrology Day - Metrology in Digital Era | General Measure Weighing in Digitalization

520 World Metrology Day - Metrology in Digital Era | General Measure Weighing in Digitalization

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: In an era of the digital world, all the industries are looking for integrating digital technologies into their existing infrastructure of applications to transform the way they work and increase efficiency.

The organization of BIPM and OIML announced the theme of 2022 World Metrology Day is Metrology in Digital Era.

In this context, General Measure combines digital technologies into the practical applications of industrial weighing to bring convenience to customers.

  1. Weighing transmitter GMT-X1 can be configurated and monitored by a mobile app: Weasy (available for android systems), connecting through Bluetooth. For instance, to save time and energy, we can use Weasy-app to calibrate the GMT-X1 and make sure it works properly. Moreover, when there is something wrong with the connection between PLC and weighing transmitters, we don't need to check the weighing transmitter one by one. Just opening weasy-app to check the parameters compared to PLC, we can easily find out which weighing transmitter is setting an error and simply correct it.
  2. ChexGo series checkweighers are embedded with the automatic feedback system, which can send every checked product weight as pulse signals to the packing machine through the IO ports. With the advanced algorithm and automatic control system, the accuracy of each pack's weight will be improved, so as to reduce loss and improve efficiency.
  3. General Measure Mini Data Center box can be connected through LAN port or wifi, using the weasy web page to import the data of checkweigher or packing machine to the PC. It can support up to 30 devices at the same time. When the connection failed during uploading,  it will save the progress automatically and reupload the data starting from the disconnected entry if the connection recovers, solving the disconnection problem of uploading data and bringing convenience to data analysis and management.

Inventions with digital technologies facilitate people's work and life. General Measure always strives to innovate industrial weighing technology and manufacture high-quality products to benefit our clients.

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