A Simple Way to Deliver Pre-Weighed Batches to a Mixer by HAF Equipment

A Simple Way to Deliver Pre-Weighed Batches to a Mixer by HAF Equipment

HAF Equipment (United States) - A Gain-In-Weight Dense Phase Conveyor Case Study by Michael Thiel (HaF Equipment).

A great way to speed up your batch production is to add a gain-in-weight dense phase conveyor. A recent customer used HaF Equipment to pre-weigh powdered limestone under a silo. The dense phase conveying vessel also served as a weigh hopper. When the mixer called for a new batch, the dense phase vessel transferred the pre-weighed batch of material.

The great part of dense phase conveying is that the batch can sent long distances! No matter where you locate your mixer, the Gain-In-Weight Dense Phase Conveyor, can deliver, and do so very quickly!

Every application is unique, so the most important aspect of any project is to connect with the end user. Communication is critical.  We are ready to help.

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