Acaia & Artisan Collaboration

Acaia & Artisan Collaboration

Acaia (United States) - Press Release: Acaia is pleased to announce our latest collaboration with the open-source project Artisan.

Artisan is an industry-leading software program that aids coffee roasters in tracking, evaluating, automating, and controlling roast profiles. Together, we are integrating all of our scales with the Artisan and its inventory system. The web application is a useful resource for so many in the industry. Previously, we connected both our original Pearl and Lunar scales with their software. This support is being extended to cover all our scales. It’s available in immediately and set to be released for Artisan in early 2022.

We at Acaia strive to work together with other leaders, inventors, and innovators within the coffee community and hope to create an ecosystem of companies that will continue to elevate global coffee technology. 

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