Accurate On-Board Scale System for Cold Planners by Walz Scale

Accurate On-Board Scale System for Cold Planners by Walz Scale

Walz Scale (USA) - The challenge: Large paving company looks to Walz Onboard/Pfreundt-NA to provide an accurate onboard scale system for their cold planners. Access to the daily production data would also be required over a cellular network.

The solution:
Walz Scale Onboard/Pfreundt-NA installs their Cold Planner Scale System to the customer’s existing cold planners, allowing the customer to maximize truck loading as well as access the daily production data via the cellular connection to the cold planner while on the job site

The benefits:
With this onboard scale system, the customer can now accurately load trucks as well as maximize daily production from their main office:

  • Same Day Installation
  • Field Serviceable
  • Simple Operation
  • Wireless Data Transmission

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