An effective labelling system for the food industry

An effective labelling system for the food industry
Bizerba (Germany) - Bizerba will be showcasing the GLM-Imaxx labelling system featuring an integrated C-Wrap applicator. As all of the product information is displayed on just one label featuring pre-printed areas, products can be given a particularly high-quality design. The so-called EcoMotion printer also guarantees extremely environmentally sound and low-cost printing.

Traditionally, packaging units are labelled with pricing, information and decorative labels both from above and from below. Bizerba has therefore developed an alternative procedure: so-called C-Wrap labelling, which makes it possible to display all of the content on just one label that wraps around the product on three sides, forming a "C" shape. Dieter Conzelmann, Director of Industry Solutions at Bizerba, explains: "The C-Wrap label is suitable for companies who apply labels over three corners for marketing reasons and who would like to give products a high-quality design by way of pre-printed areas." Also, classic mislabelling situations when labels for different products are accidentally applied from above and below can be avoided.

The "Bizerba Label Designer" software, meanwhile, can be used to add an individual touch to the layout. Food manufacturers can decide for themselves where product information, barcodes and 2D codes ought to be positioned – so labels of different lengths and colours are available. Due to the pre-printing on the side, consumers are also able to read products when they are stacked on shelves and see important information – such as possible allergenic ingredients – at first glance.

C-Wrap labelling is experiencing growing market demand:
The alternative labelling is enjoying a growing level of popularity on the market, explains Conzelmann: "In order to satisfy the growing demand from the industrial food sector, we have bundled our experience with three-side labelling and developed an application procedure that enables C-Wrap labelling for the GLM-Imaxx labelling system."

The GLM-Imaxx is a combi-device comprising dynamic scales and a labeller. It is predestined for high-performance operation with a maximum throughput of 120 packaging units per minute. 2 Sisters – a Birmingham-based English food producer specialised in the manufacture of packaged chicken that supplies to trading companies such as Aldi, Lidl and Morrisons – is counted among the users.

At the start of the process, the packaging is dynamically weighed on integrated scales. The item data is prepared and printed on the label. Then, the C-Wrap applicator moves the label into the labelling position from the side and comes into contact with the packaging while it is passing through the system. A motorised packaging guidance system featuring supply and alignment rails ensures custom-fit transport.

High throughput and reduced tooling times: Two labellers work in an alternate fashion:
Many plants in the foodstuffs industry have their production facilities running day and night in three-shift operation. But often, labelling system downtimes while label rolls are being changed can be a nuisance. After all, over the course of the year allegedly short downtimes such as these add up to an asset that can impair competitiveness. The GLM-Imaxx labelling system can thus be equipped with a second C-Wrap applicator on request.

Conzelmann: "While the label roll on one applicator is being changed, the other one takes over the labelling process, so the system is never at a standstill. The investment made in a second applicator thus pays for itself correspondingly quickly."

EcoMotion printers: Saving thermal transfer ribbons and thermal strips:
For some labelling systems that operate using thermal transfer pressure, it is still the case that the transfer ribbon is moved further when a part of the label is not printed. But because C-Wrap labels are – for the most part – pre-printed and variable data only has to be printed on a single field, the transfer ribbon constantly moving would mean that an enormous amount of material would go to waste. It was for this reason that Bizerba developed the so-called EcoMotion printers for C-Wrap labelling.

These printers only move the strip forwards when printing is actually taking place. Conzelmann: "At a throughput of 120 packages per minute, users can thus save several thousand euros per year and, at the same time, minimise the impact on the environment due to less waste being produced." Also, wear on the thermal strip can also be countered: While before, the thermal strip and the counter-pressure rollers were constantly in contact with one another, the EcoMotion printer raises the printing head when nothing is being printed. This temporary relief extends the service life of the strip considerably – allowing further savings to be made.

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