Analitica Latin America Brazil 2013

Analitica Latin America Brazil 2013

On September 24, 2013

Analitica Latin America Brazil 2013 - 12nd Edition of International Exhibition of Laboratory Technology, Analyses, Biotechnology and Quality Control, On Sep 24-26, 2013, at Transamerica Expo Center, São Paulo - SP, Brazil.

The main target of Analitica is to be a platform to generate business opportunities for exhibitors and visitors, exhibiting novelties and the latest trends of the industry.

Analitica Latin America is one of the main hubs of the chemical and analytical industry. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the laboratory, biotechnology and quality control technology display all the innovations and trends of the sector in this biannual event.

Highlights of last edition:
  • In 2011, 600 brands had the opportunity of networking;
  • 54 new exhibiting companies;
  • Presence of over 10.000 highly qualified professionals.
These are the sectors that exhibit at Analitica Latin America:
  • Laboratory and Clinical Analyses Equipment;
  • Laboratory Automation;
  • Analyses Instruments;
  • Laboratory Accessories;
  • Gauging and testing equipment;
  • Quality Control;
  • Manufacturers/Suppliers of Chemical Reagents;
  • Laboratory gases;
  • Laboratory furniture;
  • Biotechnology companies;
  • Diagnosis;
  • Contamination control;
  • Clean Rooms;
  • Effluent and affluent treatment;
  • Transport and Logistics Companies;
  • Consultancy;
  • Services.
Which provide solutions, productsand services for laboratories and industries of the following segments:
  • Pharmaceutical;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Food Products; 
  • Petrochemical;
  • Chemical;
  • Power;
  • Mining;
  • Environmental;
  • Biotechnology, among others.
Parallel Event - 3rd Analitica Conference:
The main goal of the Analitica Latin America Conference is to enable interaction between the academy and the industry. Additionally to lectures, symposiums and round tables, the conference also includes poster presentations exhibiting the latest research at universities, research centers and industries aimed at spreading information and optimizing the academy-industry interaction.

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