Article by Diverseco: HGV Overloading is a Serious Issue

Article by Diverseco: HGV Overloading is a Serious Issue

Diverseco (Australia) - With the new stringent Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws now in effect, it’s imperative that organisations with road transport supply chains implement mass management controls, as part of their safety regimes, to ensure the safe and legal loading of their heavy goods vehicles.

Existing obligations have been reformulated as primary duties and any business or individual who is involved in the road transport supply chain now has a primary duty of care to ensure the safety of road transport operations, including operations outside of their direct control, within their supply chain.

In practical terms, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) says this primary duty represents an obligation to eliminate or minimise potential harm or loss by doing all that is reasonably practicable to ensure safety.

Because the new CoR provisions focus on managing risk, all parties in the road transport supply chain must take a broader and more targeted risk assessment benchmarked against new industry codes of practice and develop tailored mitigating and remedial safety measures to discharge their primary duty of care.

This means that organisations can proactively reduce risks related to their transport tasks; rather than reacting when there’s a possible breach of the law. It also means ensuring that supply chain activities are considered through risk assessments and systems to manage safety.

For these reasons, enforcement agencies, such as VicRoads, now have greater powers to investigate possible breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

To avoid penalties, that can include prison sentences in serious cases, all parties within the road transport supply chain must ensure that they have safety management systems in place – which can include vehicle weighing devices – to ensure heavy vehicle safety.

Considering that heavy goods vehicle (HGV) overloading and unequal load distribution are chief safety risks in any road transport operation – technical experts from DiverseCo have prepared this Guide to describe the mass management controls that road transport organisations companies can include in their safety regime to prevent breaches of CoR laws.

Avoid Overloading Fines | Maximise Payloads | Reduce WHS Risk:

For these reasons,  Diverseco technical experts have prepared the Ultimate Guide to Vehicle Weighing Systems to help organisations measure up to the new CoR laws.

This guide will provide you:

  • Insights into the full range of vehicle weighing devices at your disposal
  • Information about their relative features, functions and benefits, and
  • Factors you need to consider in your decision-making process, from maximum weights and sizes through to its suitability to your site and your operation.

To provide drivers with the knowledge they need and security they deserve and keep your operation compliant with CoR requirements download the guide now!

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