Avery Weigh-Tronix launched PTS2000S - their Next Generation of Pallet Truck Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix launched PTS2000S - their Next Generation of Pallet Truck Scale

Avery Weigh-Tronix (United Kingdom) - The Avery Weigh-Tronix PTS2000S is a Legal for Trade pallet truck scale designed to provide robust, accurate weighing on the move. The PTS2000S weighs palletised consignments seamlessly in process, providing measurable time savings, connectivity and mobility when compared to other fixed weighing equipment.

Robust design:

The robust PTS2000S has been designed specifically to withstand heavy industrial usage, overloads and the general abuse of busy environments. Build features including high quality steel and polyurethane wheels make it highly resistant to damage from intensive use.

The high capacity scale is shock and vibration resistant, allowing the user to take accurate, in-motion weight readings of palletised goods up to 2000kg.

Highly accurate:

With a capacity of 2000kg, the PTS2000S handles the weighing of palletised goods with ease. Four load cells located in the mild steel forks provide weight readings to the nearest 2kg.

Weight readings are instantly displayed on the integrated weight indicator, featuring an IBM illuminated display with high contrast digits which are clearly visible from all angles of use and even in low lighting conditions.

Data management and connectivity:

The PTS2000S comes with various connectivity functions, including wireless, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, allowing the user to export real time data to the Warehouse Management System or Enterprise Resource Planning System through FTP, TCP/IP or serial communications

Mobile weighing, dimensioning and data capture The PTS2000S can be used as a standalone pallet truck scale for general weighing applications but can also be combined with the Cubetape digital dimensioning device for a wider logistics solution. Revenue Protection, Surcharge Protection and Fast Freight Unloading Solutions can be employed by linking the PTS2000S pallet truck to a Cubetape for digital dimensioning and data capture.

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