Intercomp AX900™ Axle Scales for Mining in Peru: Weight Compliance & Load Optimization

Intercomp AX900™ Axle Scales for Mining in Peru: Weight Compliance & Load Optimization

Intercomp Company (Peru) - Overloaded vehicles violate local road restrictions, contribute to unsafe driving conditions, and cause excessive wear and tear on the vehicle. Under-loading creates problems such as lost revenue and unnecessary trips for reloading. By using AX900™ axle scales for continuous weight monitoring during the loading process, the payload is maximized while avoiding overloaded vehicle conditions.

“The Intercomp AX900™ system has provided a better and more profitable solution for loading trucks to their target payload, eliminating cases of overweight and underweight loading and having the truck return to the loading zone.” - Jaime Raya, Scale International Service S.A.C.

Prior to using scales to verify truck weights, the operator of a copper concentrate dispatch site in Peru had been estimating vehicle weights based on visual inspection while attempting to stay under weight limits. As a result, they were under-loading their transport vehicles, creating extra trips for re-loading and cutting into profits. An AX900™ Axle Scale System was proposed by their local scale distributor, Scale International Service S.A.C.

AX900™ Scales are used by trucking companies, enforcement officals, militaries, aggregate and material transport businesses throughout the world. Built for high-volume weighing in rugged conditions and unimproved surfaces, the AX900™ Axle Scale system was the ideal solution. The robust construction of semi-portable scales offers protection from the harsh environment of the mining concentrate dispatch site. The low platform height of 3.6 in (9.1cm) eliminates inaccuracies that are caused when taller scales position axle groups at different levels. A wireless PT20™ CPU is used to collect axle weights, group weights, and Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) from a safe distance, while an LED remote display shows the accumulating weight in real time.

By incorporating continuous weight monitoring into their loading procedures, the operator is able to load an additional 2.5 tons on average into each truck, resulting in an extra 75 tons per day. Over time, the optimization of each load will add up to an extra 26,000 tons of copper concentrate being hauled throughout the year, while avoiding overweight fines and eliminating the impact of overloaded vehicles. The operator estimates their investment in the AX900™ scales will be recovered quickly due the combination of cost savings and increased revenue.

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