B ONE has arrived to complete the dream team of Marques Check-Out Scales

B ONE has arrived to complete the dream team of Marques Check-Out Scales

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - Press Release: People usually say you should “never change a winning team”, but around here, at Balanças Marques, we believe there’s always room for improvement. So, we updated our dream team of check-out scales, by adding B ONE, a renewed version of the always practical B1.

After some investigation and a meticulous reconstruction, B1 scale, product of Europesagem, has a great successor on a scale now with Marques’ seal of guarantee. 

To integrate it on our team of check-out scales, we rebaptized it with the name of B ONE and changed its design and some characteristics, but we kept its essence: the pragmatism, the resistance, the ease when working with it.

Today, B1 becomes the predecessor of a more modern scale that still goes by the old rule of “less is more” to immediately adapt to the conditions of any contemporary business.

B ONE invested on thechonlogic development:

The world hasn’t stopped witnessing a singular evolution of technologic tools and the weighing sector has been moving with it. Keeping up with the trends, our new check-out scale now arises with a RS232 port that allows you to connect it to your POS and, as such, to your billing software. Which means you get to, finally, connect B ONE to your ETPOS.

B ONE offers even more autonomy:

So that you can work and explore all the options of your check-out scale without unnecessary interruptions, B ONE is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery. And it offers you up to 76 hours of autonomy, which gives you the possibility of weighing much further on of a traditional day of work.

B ONE increased its efficiency:

A business’ day to day demands more speed and effectiveness each day, so, B ONE comes prepared to help you with that task in particular. Now with a bigger, more organized, touch keyboard, it is more ergonomic and efficient, becoming a great asset to any company that is, most of all, searching for a practical, easy to use check-out scale to uncomplicate the daily work. 

B ONE has updated the look:

Because we all need a make over from time to time, we decided it was time to give B1 a twist and a cleaner image. As such, B ONE comes in another set of tones and with visual details a little different from its predecessor, creating a look that will be even a better match to your space.

B ONE improved its own essence:

Preserving the most loved characteristics on B1, this new scale is its improved version. It maintains the reach (of 15 or 30 kg) and the division (of 5 or 10 g). It assures the same simplicity, the same ease, the same pragmatism of B1. But its adds resistance and some of the technology that has been developed on the weighing sector over the last couple years, allowing to, depending on the market, to perform tasks such as the change calculation and even connecting it to your ETPOS software. 

It’s exactly like this, with all these innovations, that B ONE joins our dream team! You can find out more about this renewed check-out scale on Balanças Marques' website link below.

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