B-TEK Scales DD Series of Terminals

B-TEK Scales DD Series of Terminals
B-TEK Scales, LLC (USA) - B-TEK Scales, LLC offers the latest advances in touch screen terminals.

B-TEK’s DD Series combines large touch screens with fully equipped networking capabilities that allow clients to easily connect to back-end systems and peripherals through standard TCP/IP protocols. The indicators can communicate with cameras, RFID readers, credit card readers, printers, scoreboards, and other peripherals. The DD Series are designed for both unattended and attended environments. The large touch screen (10.5”) allows for a customized and intuitive user experience where the terminal guides the driver through series of steps until a ticket is printed.

The DD Series has had success in both small and large operations. In the smaller attended environment, the DD series provides an intuitive interface which reduces user input errors and can help automate data entry. The unattended model is being used to “dumb down” weighments by identifying trucks, drivers, and their loads without any user input from the driver. This creates a fast and efficient ticketing process which then can be tied into internal systems to streamline processes.

B-TEK Scales, LLC scales and indicators give customers the ability to automate record keeping by tying weighing data into back-end accounting systems and processes. Because our indicators use standard protocols such as TCP/IP, the indicator becomes part of the network and can communicate with servers and other software. Many of our clients have found that our unattended solutions have paid for themselves by reducing administrative overhead associated with data entry.

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