Balanças Marques' New Weighbridge PCM M1500 for weighing trucks

Balanças Marques' New Weighbridge PCM M1500 for weighing trucks
Balanças Marques (Portugal) - PCM M1500 is the latest Weighbridge of the Portuguese company Balanças Marques.

The PCM M1500 is a modular construction weighbridge designed to weigh up to 80 tons, capable of withstanding the highest efforts resulting of carrying out the more demanding weight, with improved resistance to fatigue. The PCM M1500 is built with metallic or mixed (metal and concrete) modules standardized width of 1.5 meters, enabling platforms set up to 18 meters long and 3 meters wide, with two modules arranged side by side, occupying the entire width of the scale, which eliminates the use of directional louvers, thus allowing a perfectly safe circulation of vehicles. The PCM M1500 has a very reduced assembly time due to the great ease of module fitting and the minimum amount of necessary hardware. Because of its features and quality, the new weighbridge for weighing trucks Marques is synonymous of total guarantee of performance, accuracy, effectiveness, efficiency and durability.

Installing a PCM M1500 takes less than a day. It has been developed so that it can be mounted easily with the use of few human and technical resources, through a fully modular factory prepared. The PCM M1500 has the advantage of being easily disassembled and transported for use at another location, with total use of the equipment. Balanças Marques guarantees its customers all the convenience and ease of not needing to hire other services following the acquisition of a PCM Marques, since Balanças Marques provides a full turnkey service. The PCM M1500 can be used in multiple locations and without related costs to construction or destruction of civil work, at least significant, and because it saves the customer from hiring other companies in other related services, such as the CE verification and legalization of equipment.

Balanças Marques is the largest Iberian manufacturer of weighbridges for weighing trucks and it is one of the companies in Europe that most manufactures scales, producing, on average, about 20 meters of bridge per day. Besides the numerous prestigious clients nationwide, the weighbridges Marques are present all over the world. Balanças Marques export more than 90% of weighbridges production.

The weighbridge for weighing trucks PCM M1500 is available in versions above ground (with concrete or metal ramps) or built-in, with metallic or mixed (metal and concrete) modules and two surface finishes: paint or hot dip galvanizing. It is built modularly, with two possible lengths of modules (3657 mm and 5657 mm, width 1500 mm), which enables to build weighbridge PCM M1500 up to 18 meters long, with a width of 3 meters and height up of 300 mm to soil, after mounting. The structure, scaled by a computer calculation program for finite element, has a bridge height of 245 mm and a walkway height of 300 mm, forming a compact set of high strength and robustness. Its design allows for simple installation with reduced costs above ground and with ramps or built-in a pit of only 300 mm deep.

The system optimization of the interior reinforcement and bolted ribs, using three-dimensional numerical simulation, provides to this product a superior performance with regard to capacity, deformation and durability. The holes and slots of the PCM modules M1500 are slightly different from other models. The tops of beams and modules are sheet metal in order to support and facilitate the assembly, and the beams are reinforced in the zones of connection.

All assembly operations are carried out through the top of the platform. The placement of the load cells and the attack system is performed without fixing screws. The load cells - which can be 4, 6 or 8, depending on the length of the scale -, with double pivoting, are placed on transversal beams of high resistance to bending and torsion, and are factory-mounted. The cross beams of the weighbridge PCM M1500 have top covers to access the load cells and facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the scale.

The passage of the wiring is performed at the installation site of the equipment. All accessories that comprise the scales PCM, except directional louvers, are also available for PCM M1500, although a specific variant, adapted to the improved performance of this model. Thus, the weighbridge can be equipped with: Chassis; Limiters; Metallic Ramps; Angles to edge the pits; Side Rails; Wide range of load cells; Wide variety of viewers; Software for specific applications.


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