Balanças Marques presents MC 30 SS

Balanças Marques presents MC 30 SS

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - Press Release: The Portuguese manufacturer has launched a new model of a Platform Monocell with Weight Indicator, the MC 30 SS.

It’s a complete scale portable, practical, robust and entirely in stainless steel, with a novelty that makes it even more functional and irresistible: Levels Function with LCD color change.

The backlight color of the display changes automatically depending on the weight and previously defined tolerance limits:

  • Below the weight tolerance limit, the display color is yellow.
  • Within the weight tolerance limit, the display color is green.
  • Above the weight tolerance limit, the display color is red.

The MC 30 SS, consisting of a platform monocell model M with 30x30 cm. and a weight indicator BM1000 BAT, is ideal for increasing the speed and efficiency of packaging products with predefined weight.


BM1000 BAT:

  • Multicolor LCD Display with 6 digits of 25 mm.
  • Levels Function with LCD color change
  • 7-key multifunction keyboard: ON/OFF, GROSS/NET, ZERO, TARE, PRINT and TOTAL.
  • Automatic and cumulative tare reset.
  • Tare fixing.
  • Weight-tare function and count pieces.
  • RS 232 output for connection to computer or printer.
  • Possibility of connection to weight repeater.
  • Multiple communication protocols.
  • Ethernet + Wifi (optional)
  • Multiple pre-configured tickets.
  • IP 67 protection.
  • Internal battery, with autonomy up to 60 hours.
  • CE Approval Certificate.
  • Built entirely in Stainless Steel.

Platform Monocell M 30x30:

  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm.
  • Fully Stainless Steel.
  • Backrest to facilitate weight centering.
  • Removable top and backrest for cleaning the platform.
  • 4 adjustable feet that allow its leveling and its installation on the ground or balcony.
  • Static overload limiter on load cell.
  • Four limiters, in the corners of the platform, which allow to withstand overloads exceeding the maximum capacity.
  • Load cell with IP 67 protection and CE approval certificate.

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