Balanças Marques presents the PCM M1500e... the new Queen of Weighbridges

Balanças Marques presents the PCM M1500e... the new Queen of Weighbridges

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - Press Release: José Pimenta Marques willed it, the factory dreamt it, the product was born. It has always been that way at Balanças Marques. And in the 1980’s there was no exception. On the same decade Motorola sold the first ever mobile phone, a new range of Balanças Marques’ products emerged, and it would too conquer the world in the future.


Our PCM M1500 weighbridge was crowned among the rest, a long time ago. Better known for its byname than for its birth name, it’s commonly referred to as the “Best Weighbridge/Truck Scale in the World” – a tittle given by the Weighing Review Awards for several years in a row.

Since its first times – when weighbridges demanded a 4 to 5 days’ installation – this range of Balanças Marques’ products deserves the public’s admiration and respect.
It has evolved – a lot – along the times. It reinvented itself over and over again. It adapted to each technological development. It has been gathering all the powers needed to perform its role in the best way possible.

And, today, after all the accumulated experience, after all the knowledge acquired, it steps down. Our PCM M1500 weighbridge gives up its place on the throne for a new generation of weightruck scales. A generation that inherits, in full, its robustness, longevity and rigor. But to it we added an “e”. Of Evolution. An “e” that stands for Engineering, for Excellence and Esthetics, for Economics and Efficiency.

Today, we present to you the PCM M1500e, a better weightruck scale, owner of all the abilities and powers that allow it to reign among all others:

  • It’s resistant. PCM M1500e has a smart, strong structure. Each module of this weighbridge is produced with robust materials in a robotized process that ensures the maximum quality of the product and its perseverance in any situation.
  • It’s flexible. PCM M1500e totally adapts to the circumstances where it is. Easy to transport and to install in any land, this weightruck scale is available with different options and functions, being able to weigh mega-trucks, if that’s your wish.
  • It’s distinct. PCM M1500e stands out for its elegance and ergonomics. With a simple yet functional design, the new Marques’ weightruck scale is unmistakable and it possesses a posture worthy of the Royal Family.
  • It’s rigorous. PCM M1500e mantains the efficiency of its predecessor. Demanding and precise, its focus is always on its job so that the reliability of your weighing is never questioned.

Result of over a year of work of Balanças Marques’ Investigation and Development Department, our new weightruck scale is, therefore, ready to face any weight challenge. And, obviously, to (continue to) be crowned, year after year, as the Queen of Weighbridges.

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