BEL Engineering introduced a New Moisture Analyzer

BEL Engineering introduced a New Moisture Analyzer

BEL Engineering s.r.l. (Italy) - The new i-Thermo G series are equipped with a Dot Matrix large graphical display that makes much easier and friendly the using of the instrument: now all the parameters regarding the drying process and the relative results are shown at once on the large display.

The new i-thermo G brings also new functions such as one key pressing for starting automatically the last drying cycle memorized or the default one, the possibility to print the drying session at interval time set by the user and the automatic session starting by closing the heater; just to mention some. 

The main features are:

  • Temperature range: 35-160°C/1°C
  • Halogen-infrared lamp
  • Date and time indication
  • GLP/ISO record
  • Two heating modes: standard and rapid
  • Time (1-99 min) and Autostop operating modes,
  • RS232 serial interface
  • 6 languages

Thanks to the advanced software and the refined mechanical and electronic parts, with i-thermo G the user can get always accurate and reliable results during his laboratory routine.

The series include models 60g/0.1mg, 160g/1mg, 60g/0.01g with corresponding moisture readabilities of 0,001% - 0,01% - 0,1%, to cover all the weighing requirements.

"As for all these products, BEL Engineering always enhance intuitiveness and simplicity of use joined with the usual outstanding performance", stated the company.

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