BLH Nobel Announces PROFINET Support, FM Approvals, and New Language Features for Industry Best-Selling G5 Series Measurement Amplifiers

BLH Nobel Announces PROFINET Support, FM Approvals, and New Language Features for Industry Best-Selling G5 Series Measurement Amplifiers

BLH Nobel (USA) – The BLH Nobel brand of Vishay Precision Group, experts in standard and custom process weighing and force measurement solutions, including high-quality and high-accuracy weighing and control systems, announced the addition of PROFINET support, Factory Mutual (FM) approvals, and French and German language accessibility for its industry best-selling G5 Series measurement amplifiers (G5 Series).

The new PROFINET support module for the BLH Nobel G5 Series allows the modern, user-friendly measurement amplifiers the necessary flexibility to keep pace with the very latest Industrial Ethernet automation standards in Asia and Europe. The module may be plugged into the back of the G5, in the same manner as its Ethernet IP module. This next-generation PROFINET support further allows the end user to create seamless end-to-end, integrated processes and network interface configurations, with fast and secure data exchange. G5 Series measurement amplifiers offer continued ease of calibration and remote access with common field busses, with intuitive user-friendly setup via web browser or keyboard.

For customers based in the United States and Canada, the addition of FM approvals provides added assurances that G5 Series measurement amplifiers meet only the highest standards for property loss prevention and safety. They further allow the G5 Series to be used within an increasing series of control and process industry applications where such approvals may be required. Additional full language support in French and German, including complete menus and software, join the existing English and Swedish versions. Short form manuals are available in all four languages.

G5 Series measurement amplifiers from BLH Nobel combine standard interfaces, a modular design, and onboard integral web servers, in support of advanced weighing and process control applications. They offer streamlined commissioning and calibration; reduced operations and maintenance costs; and advanced communication protocols for optimized system efficiencies, including remote diagnostics, parameterization, backup and maintenance functions.

A February 2017 firmware upgrade (v1.3.0) added new capabilities such as flow rate calculation, enhanced diagnostics, excitation current measurement and supervision, along with updated Fieldbus data mapping, and an EtherNet/IP interface. Panel mount versions of the G5 Series were further certified “legal for trade” in May 2017, per EN45501:2015 and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), for R76 Class III or IIII single-interval industrial use criteria (NTEP approvals pending). Other features may be available upon request.

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