BLH Nobel Offers Enhanced Visibility with G5 DIN Rail Mount with Display Instrument

BLH Nobel Offers Enhanced Visibility with G5 DIN Rail Mount with Display Instrument

Vishay Precision Group (United States) - Advanced display and functional keypad allow easy navigation and control directly from production facility.

The BLH Nobel brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc., a leading producer of precision sensors and systems, including high-quality and high-accuracy weighing and control systems, introduced the new G5 DIN Rail Mount with Display (G5-RMD). The instrument provides enhanced visibility of process data such as weight and status, and the advanced display and functional keypad allow easy navigation through parameters, menus and settings.

Offering high-speed and high-performance control for industrial weighing and force measurement, the BLH Nobel G5 process control instrument sets new performance standards for application demands of today while meeting tomorrow’s expanding requirements. G5 provides a highly flexible instrument for customer process automation needs. The instrument setup is possible with the new display and keypad and diagnostic abilities are available directly from the instrument’s display and keypad.

Benefits of the G5-RMD include, web interface with diagnostics, process data and set-up capabilities, full weighing functionality as with a weighing indicator, connection possibilities to zenerbarriers, simple back-up and restore features with built-in web interface, a the ability to provide more precise theoretical calibration in reality. On the G5-RMD, a built-in web server facilitates quick and easy operation and simplifies parameter changes through any web-supporting device. The new monochrome advanced OLED display provides visibility of process data such as weight and status, as well as parameters and diagnostics information. Furthermore, one can configure digital inputs and outputs according to their specific needs.

With flexible fieldbus interface, several industrial communication interfaces such as Ethernet, RS485 and optional fieldbuses are available, each complying with industry standard protocols. Analog output (current or voltage) is available as well on the G5-RMD and software upgrades can be readily installed in the field using a SD Card. The G5-RMD’s durable plastic enclosure is IP20 rated and the unit is designed for 24 Volt DC operation.

The G5 DIN Rail Mount with Display (G5-RMD) is ideal for applications in process weighing and control, force measurement, high-speed dynamic measurement, and factory automation.

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