Balanças Marques BM5 Junior Tower Scale, the New Piece for a Successful Business

Balanças Marques BM5 Junior Tower Scale, the New Piece for a Successful Business

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - Press Release: Just like on a chess board, on your retail business all the pieces have their own essential role to play for a successful match. Commercial scales are no exception. So, to our range of products, we now bring a new scale, with a new design and configuration, that completes your team. We present the scale BM5 Junior Tower!

Majestic, more imponent, but always with the same mission – weighing each article and each product on its plate – the scale BM5 Junior Tower was born to respond to the needs of your commercial space.

With a design and a configuration a little different from the rest of the scales on our BM5 Junior range, it’s ideal for establishments that are searching for a majestic weighing equipment, with a well visible second screen for the customers, in order to offer them a more interesting and transparent buying experience. Besides, as all the Marques’ scales, it reveals as an important piece to give an easy and intuitive work environment for the players (aka operators) of a company in the retail area.

And, such as the tower in a chess game, BM5 Junior Tower also becomes an essential piece for your team and for the success of a business.

Because it’s a scale with several possibilities of moves:

More than a weighing instrument, the scale BM5 Junior Tower is a POS that, through ETPOS software, helps you to do the global management of your business. It’s not only capable of weighing but also to bill, to manage stocks, operators and customers and to print tickets or labels (depending on your choice of model - with a printer or a labeller). Like the tower on a chess game, the commercial scale BM5 Junior Tower presents, therefore, several possibilities of moves for your retail business and, together with king ETPOS, it may help you checkmate.

Because it’s a scale with a protective ability:

All of Marques’ commercial scales take on the mission to weigh with precision products and articles, whether to protect your business or the consumer. So, on the heart of this new scale, there are also a load cell, the ARM technology and the processor that assure the reliability and effectiveness that both sides look for. As any tower, BM5 Junior Tower was conceived to have a defensive and protective attitude towards the most important pieces of the board that is your retail business.

Because it’s an imponent scale:

The scale BM5 Junior Tower is a piece that makes a statement in any space. It was designed to give that feeling of security and precision that’s demanded on a weighing equipment, but it has a modern and impactful design. Built in height, this scale’s model is elegant and always captures the attention among the other pieces of your business’ board, revealing the grandeur that characterizes a tower. 

Are you ready to checkmate? Use BM5 ARM Junior as your tower and ETPOS software as king and you’ll see how it’s possible to dominate the entire chess board that is your business and conquer the tittle of retail master. If you need any more details, visit the page of the scale BM5 Junior Tower and the page of ETPOS on our website or contact us!

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