Magnum Systems Bulk Bag Unloading and Filling System for Handling Plastic Pellets

Magnum Systems Bulk Bag Unloading and Filling System for Handling Plastic Pellets

Magnum Systems, Inc. (United States) - A recent custom designed Bulk Bag Unloading and Filling System for handling plastic pellets.


The End User needed to have the flexibly to unload from a bulk bag and either refill a 1500 lb bulk bag or divert to fill a 50 lb bag.


We were able to provide a solution by integrating our Bulk Bag Unloading System above the Bulk Bag Filling Station and Open Mouth Bagging Line complete with operator platform. The system features a gravity diverter valve allowing the operator to select the desired filling station.

The IBC-3000 bulk bag filler features our T4000 controller and exclusive top-mounted weigh carriage system for optimal accuracy of fill. With automatic bag strap release and integral lift platform the bag can be lowered automatically and removed via fork truck from the filling station.

The 50 lb bag filling line features our TE-100 bagging scale and a band sealer with bag closing and handling conveyors ending with a gravity roller conveyor and pack off table for manual palletizing of bags.

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