Cardboard-based packaging company goes green with Weightron’s iWM system

Cardboard-based packaging company goes green with Weightron’s iWM system

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd (United Kingdom) - Weightron’s Industrial Waste Management system (iWM) is making important savings for a major manufacturer of cardboard-based packaging. The company, which specialises in industrial and retail packaging, has a strong environmental commitment, focused on minimising waste generation during manufacture and developing sustainable products that are easily recycled.

Managing waste streams in such a diverse manufacturing operation can be complex, and excess waste generation not only has an environmental impact but can also have a significant negative impact on profitability.

The iWM system is an invaluable tool for managing waste in such applications, providing detailed information on the where, what and who of waste generation. This detailed data allows supervisors to fully understand the sources of waste generation throughout their plant, thereby allowing them to manage, control and reduce waste.

The Weightron system, located in the outside waste collection area, comprises of a stainless steel ultra-low profile weighing platform and DD1050i touch screen weight terminal. The 1050i is loaded with the iWM software and set up to handle eight waste streams including customer scrap stock (pre-paid and not paid), samples and customer returns.

We’re happy to report that our customer has found that the ROI (return on investment) has been extremely quick. Following the commissioning of the iWM, the company has seen a significant reduction in waste, as well as measurable improvements in the production process itself.

The key to success with such a system is to gain buy-in from all employees. The Weightron system is extremely easy to use. Wheeled waste bins from different areas of the plant are taken to the scale, which can then be identified by prompts on the large full colour touch screen of the DD1050i, which uses intuitive pictograms to show the specific types of waste and work area locations. These guide the operator quickly through the weighing process. The stored data is then downloaded from the weighing indicator via USB and then imported into the company’s reporting flows.

These systems can also be fitted with a barcode scanner, to automatically identify the work location of individually labelled waste bins. Such versatility and accessibility is what consistently pleases our clients, and our aim at Weightron is to help streamline the waste management process, ultimately safely companies both time and money.

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