AWM Limited Case Study for Vehicle Weighing Solution Provided to CLAAS

AWM Limited Case Study for Vehicle Weighing Solution Provided to CLAAS

AWM Limited (Germany) - CLAAS, a German market-leading manufacturer of agricultural and harvesting machinery approached AWM Limited in search of a vehicle weighing solution. For use at their UK head office in Saxham, they needed a solution that was not just accurate but would also withstand the size and weight of their machinery.  

AWM worked with CLAAS to understand their complete requirements and recommended the Valueweigh portable Wheel and Axle Weigh Pad. These vehicle weighing pads enable CLAAS to measure weight distribution as a part of maximising performance and ballasting across their range of machinery. They previously hired a set of weigh pads for a shorter amount of time, then decided to purchase a set once they knew they fulfilled their requirements. The accuracy of the weigh pads was hugely important to CLAAS. With their machinery, the front and rear tyre pressures and additional ballast are set using the front and rear axle weights. The low 18mm profile and high strength construction of the Valueweigh vehicle weigh pads means they're robust and easily portable. This makes them great for vehicle workshops, ensuring impressive strength and robustness without the cost of a bulky or heavy product.

Since using the vehicle weigh pads provided, CLAAS has reported that as a result of knowing the weight of each axle within 0.5% of full capacity, they're able to more accurately set up their machines for working conditions.

"Throughout the order process, AWM were very easy to deal with and approachable, even despite the current global supply chain issues. Upon receiving the product, the team were easy to get ahold of and have done their best to answer any questions we had on setup and use of the axle pads, overall I could not have asked for any more."

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