SysTec Case Study: Truck Scale with Self Service Station for Mills

SysTec Case Study: Truck Scale with Self Service Station for Mills

SysTec Systemtechnik und Industrieautomation GmbH (Germany) - The new reference report underlines the ideal suitability of SysTec weighing indicators for truck scale applications. At Scheller Mühle, innovative truck scales with intuitive self-service stations ensure efficient and precise handling of the company's flour transports. SysTec's powerful weighing systems IT8000E are used for the scales. Scheller operates two production plants in southern Germany. The durum wheat mill has a daily output of 200 tons and the soft wheat mill 300 tons.

Control cabinets with SysTec IT8000E series weighing terminals are used for the newly installed truck scales with legal-for-trade capability on the plant premises. The truck drivers can enter the required data easily and quickly at the self-service stations. This accelerates the weighing processes and relieves the staff. Camera systems automatically record the license plate when driving onto the scale and the data created in the ERP system can thus be retrieved.

The network and interface capability of the SysTec weighing electronics is of great advantage here. Four different systems communicate with each other: the IT8000E control system, the ERP system, the DoProfi software and the silo management.

"In our eyes, the IT8000E weighing terminal has proven itself as the best for such complex applications. Without the flexibility offered by the IT8000E and its complex customization options,  customer-specific projects of this nature would not be possible for us", says Marvin Dohmen of Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH.


  • 2 production facilities: durum wheat mill with 200 tons, soft wheat mill with 300 tons per day
  • W&M approved truck scales with driver-operated function
  • Automated license plate recognition when truck arrives at scale with data retrieval from ERP system
  • Simple check of zero point via large character display before the truck drives onto the scale - with option to correct setting via keyboard of operating terminal


  • IT8000E: W&M approved and rugged SysTec weighing terminals for continuous truck scale operation
  • PC ScaleView from SysTec as approved weight indicator
  • Connection of additional devices, e.g. remote display
  • Truck scale design with self-service station by Waagenbau Dohmen GmbH
  • Intercom system at the scales enables communication between operator and Scheller office staff

Customer benefits:

  1. Optimization and acceleration of weighing through partially automated processes after license plate recognition
  2. Reduced personnel workload thanks to intuitive self-service stations and digitized weighing processes
  3. Accurate weight determination - smart weighing systems
  4. Easy integration of the weighing terminal into the overall system through interfaces
  5. Robust and durable SysTec weighing terminals for outdoor use (IP69K)
  6. User-friendly application software TRUCK/ONLINE for truck scales
  7. Four different systems communicate with each other: The IT8000E weighing terminals, the ERP system, the software DoProfi and the silo management
  8. High operational security: The complete weighing process is monitored by cameras (incl. video storage on the server)

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