Article by Weightru: Choosing the Right Axle Weighing Solution for your Business

Article by Weightru: Choosing the Right Axle Weighing Solution for your Business

Weightru (United Kingdom) - Portable axle weigh pad solutions provide a lower price entry and come with a range of features that enable you to quickly set up a weighing station for traffic, axle weigh pads provide a fast and economical way or capturing axle weights sporadically.

Weigh pads come in a variety of sizes and are functions such as centre of gravity measurement and independent axle weight checking, important to check in case of overloaded axles.

A fixed axle weigher such as our AxChk Pro is installed by civil contractors into the floor, these provide a smooth continuous surface for the vehicles to travel, this method of axle weighing would be the most accurate way off measuring a vehicles axle dynamically or statically.

The range of options available on this type of axle weighing system are endless, solutions allowing autonomous control with integration into barriers, traffic lights and bespoke software solutions which enable the capture of the data and storing onto a local server or cloud database for future reporting.

Another less common solution is our semi-permanent axle weighing system, this uses two weighs pads and a specialised frame that is fixed to the ground, this solution allows vehicles to drive dynamically over them and provides a robust alternative to the in-ground solution without the additional cost of civil contractors digging holes in the floor.

This solution is ideal for companies that don’t own their premises, often landlords will prohibit any building works of this type that interfere with concrete yards.

The three above solutions all have their strengths and weaknesses, it really does depend on your specific application as to which one would be the suitable option, hopefully this short post will help you understand which axle weighing solutions would be best for your application.

A common use of portable weigh pads is spot checking axle weights, a variety of businesses use our solutions to provide record keeping with USB sticks and software on laptop computers when requested.

We sell weigh pads to a variety of different industries such as commercial body fitters who need to ensure the vehicles that they are building do not exceed the marked plated vehicle weight.

We’ve also supplied multiple weigh pad sets to utility businesses who look to protect their fleet and drivers from overloaded vehicles, often these types of vehicles are heavily loaded with equipment, spare parts, drivers and passengers so they can do the job they are required to do. It is important to record the weights of these vehicles and maintain them within the permitted axle loads for safety of the drivers and other the road users.

We have developed market leading automated solution for logistics businesses that operate multi drop delivery services, more details about this new axle weighing system product can be found by clicking the link.

The heavy logistics industry that operate HGVs need to seriously consider how they weigh their vehicles on a regular basis, it’s common for some logistics businesses to have a permanent dynamic axle weighing solution on site, this can provide protection for businesses to ensure their vehicles are not entering the public highway overloaded on axles and the gross vehicle weight.

You can learn more about our permanent dynamic axle weighing solutions and why businesses such as Greggs, Travis Perkins, Bookers and XPO use our system to protect the public and their fleet.

By Andrew Clarke.

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