Collaborative Effort Yields Successful Inventory Control Solution

Collaborative Effort Yields Successful Inventory Control Solution
METTLER TOLEDO (USA) - JobSite Resources provides mobile, temporary, and permanent facility solutions to meet the rigorous demands and challenges of their industrial customer’s operations. The JobSite Advantage product line allows a company to secure, store and manage all of their job-site assets utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other automated identification technologies. They manufacture mobile tool facilities and other on-site solutions engineered and configured to their customers’ specifications.

Being in the business of asset management solutions, JobSite Resources took a closer look at their current solutions and decided they wanted to incorporate bin scale technology as one of their inventory control hardware solutions. Specifically, they were looking for a technology to use in addition to RFID to manage consumable inventory. This triggered them to call WinWare and ultimately get METTLER TOLEDO involved. JobSite Resources was seeking a cost-effective solution to monitor this type of inventory without having to spend the time or money attaching RFID tags to every single consumable unit in their customers’ inventories.

In 2009, JobSite Resources installed METTLER TOLEDO shelf scales into their industrial grade, Portable Asset Dispensing Device, coined the P.A.D.D. The shelf scales were mounted on to the P.A.D.D.’s closed steel shelving units, and plastic bins were affixed to the scales. Each bin was then filled with a consumable item like batteries or gloves. Powered by WinWare’s CribMaster™ inventory management software, JobSite Resources could use the item’s unit weight to count the number of items in the bin and monitor when and how many items had been removed. This allowed them to detect, record, and replenish the consumable inventory being removed from the P.A.D.D. The shelf scale enabled JobSite Resources to offer another robust, mobile inventory control hardware solution to their customers.

The inventory control solutions that JobSite Resources developed have provided a multitude of benefits to their customers. Their Portable Asset Dispensing Device, powered by CribMaster™ software, provides management with detailed inventory usage data by employee, the ability to set automated item reorder points, and furnishes reports with detailed job costs by work order, department, project, etc.

Management also has access to comprehensive financial and operational information that can be utilized to reduce inventory related costs, monitor productivity, and establish accountability.

The security features of the P.A.D.D. allow management to set employee permission levels, monitor access, and even view activity via the video surveillance system. This creates a secured point of entry to inventory on a continual 24-hour basis. Also, employee productivity can be increased by strategically staging the device in close proximity to work areas which reduces employee downtime and costs incurred traveling to and from a central store room.

Overall, the P.A.D.D. is a huge cost saver to the companies that use them. P.A.D.D.’s secured, electronic gate and video surveillance system reduces loss and over consumption. In addition, the P.A.D.D. lowers overstocks, stock outs, and reduces downtime.

JobSite Resources partnership with METTLER TOLEDO and WinWare has enabled them to develop and deliver an innovative product that truly solves its customers’ consumable inventory control needs.

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