CROSS introduces OptiWIM® - world's unique product of Weigh-in-Motion

CROSS introduces OptiWIM® - world's unique product of Weigh-in-Motion
CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Czech Republic) – "We are introducing a revolutionary solution for high-speed dynamic weigh-in-motion: OptiWIM®, world's first free-flow dynamic high-speed weights able to accurately weigh vehicles in full width independently of the instantaneous position of the wheels during crossing", stated CROSS.

"The weights achieve the highest possible accuracy from all current WIM systems on the market. The use of optic technology enables us to get a disproportionately larger amount of data from the sensor during each measurement in comparison to conventional technology. It also allows us to offer unique new features such as double-tyre detection, underinflated tyre detection or vehicle axle width measurement directly by the sensor", added the company.

For its unique solution, the new OptiWIM® product was nominated for the Intertraffic Innovation Award 2018 in the Infrastructure category.

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