CROSS supplies WIM Systems for pre-selection of congested vehicles in Uganda

CROSS supplies WIM Systems for pre-selection of congested vehicles in Uganda

CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Uganda) - Press Release: Our latest implementation are WIM systems for pre-selection of overloaded vehicles in Uganda. Thanks to accurate high-speed weighing, we help save roads and divert overloaded vehicles to checkweighers around the cities of Magamaga, Luwero and Mbarara.

The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is in charge of road management in Uganda. Its main task is not only reconstruction of road and motorway network throughout the territory of Uganda, but also a modernization of traffic. Modernization projects include weigh in motion. For the latest UNRA project in busy road areas around Magamaga, Luwero and Mbarara, we have manufactured and supplied powerful high-speed Weigh in Motion equipment. It also includes a system for diverting vehicles to checkpoints.  

We will install 3 high-speed WIM systems at selected sites in the coming months.The project includes production, transport, installation and testing of the entire system, including sensors and equipment for complex weigh and measurement in motion: 3D monitoring of vehicles, weigh in motion, detection of double assemblies, cameras for recognizing vehicle registration plate and other systems. Thanks to them, it is possible to easily and with high accuracy detect overloaded vehicles on the basis of the registration plate and divert them to the weighing points.  

The aim of the project is to reduce the load on busy roads and ensure longer road life in urban areas. 

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