Custom made miniature load cells by Zemic

Custom made miniature load cells by Zemic
Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - As a designer and manufacturer of millions of strain gages Zemic has developed itself as a specialist of custom made miniature sensors.

Due to the limited space in a machine or the special mounting requirements it is a continuous challenge to develop a tailor-made fit for our customers. Zemic has a specially equipped miniature sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of custom made miniature sensors. Zemic’s production facility accommodates small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of miniature sensors.

These miniature load cells are used for measuring force or weight in many applications from medical to leisure and from process to agricultural devices.

According to Zemic, their European sales engineers can discuss the requirements for the applications of their customers and prepare a tailor-made solution.

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