DETECTO’s New Portable Digital Stretcher Scales

DETECTO’s New Portable Digital Stretcher Scales

Detecto Scale (United States) - DETECTO announces the company’s new Stretcher Scale® available in two models: 8500 with remote indicator and 8550 with column-mounted indicator. The Stretcher Scale® features a spacious, low-profile platform that accommodates all common stretcher types, two integral wheels and guide handles for mobility, and steel construction for optimal durability.

These high-capacity digital scales provide precision weighing for patients in stretchers, gurneys, or wheelchairs. DETECTO’s Stretcher Scale® is ideal for emergency arrivals into a hospital when time is of the essence for gathering patient weights. The scales can be used in the ER, dialysis, long-term care, and nursing homes.

DETECTO’s 8500 and 8550 portable scales offer time-saving and patient comfort benefits. The scales feature 800 lb/360 kg capacity, optional Wi-Fi for EMR/EHR, two-way built-in ramps for accessibility from both sides, spacious 60 in x 32.5 in/152 cm x 83 cm platform, clinical-grade accuracy to 0.2 lb/0.1 kg, battery or AC power, and up to 99 tares (optional) to store stretcher weights for efficient patient weighing.

The single-pass weighing feature saves time by allowing you to enter the stretcher or wheelchair tare weight using the numeric keypad on the indicator. You may also use the convenient pushbutton tare feature to remove the stretcher or wheelchair weight if you don’t know the weight already.

DETECTO’s Stretcher Scale® is engineered and manufactured at a light enough weight that it is easily portable to lift up and roll by nursing professionals. The model 8500 is 115 lb/52 kg net weight and the model 8550 is 130 lb/59 kg. The slim profile scale design fits easily through doorways of nearly any size.

DETECTO’s Stretcher Scale’s dual-access ramps go all the way to the ground and allow maximum convenience for loading and unloading patients from either side of the scale. These unique ramps require only half the effort for a healthcare professional to roll a wheelchair-bound patient onto the scale than competitor’s models. An optional yellow guide rail kit is available (model 8500-GUIDERAILS).

The Stretcher Scale’s MedVue® weight indicator is the clinical industry’s most advanced, featuring EMR/EHR-ready serial, USB, and optional Wi-Fi connectivity, BMI calculation, yellow “quick keys” for basic weighing, and a multiline LCD display. Medical professionals can view their patient’s weight, height, and Body Mass Index all onscreen simultaneously. The scale is powered by 6 C batteries (not included) or optional AC adapter.

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