Different Application of General Measure Weighing Transmitter GMT-P1

Different Application of General Measure Weighing Transmitter GMT-P1

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - General Measure OIML approved GMT-P1 is a basic weighing transmitter used in a variety of industry applications.

Here are 3 typical application of GMT-P1, in chemical, feeds, and construction industry.

1. Chemical Industry:

Used in chemical powder bagging application for weighing transmitting, GMT-P1 can display the weight on the field and be self-programmed by PLC to fulfill client’s needs, which is quite basic application but requests the stable and robust performance due to the harsh environment. The communication speed and accuracy is significant as well.

2. Feeds Industry:

In feeds processing line, GMT-P1 used for weight batching of different feeds materials. In this application, there are several materials need to be mixed together, which needs the corresponding quantity of weighing transmitter in one cabinet. The compact design of GMT-P1 can perfectly be panel mounted on the cabinet. Moreover, on-field mounted GMT-P1 with ethernet communication makes the batching system weighting more accurate and transmitting data faster.

3. Construction Industry:

GMT-P1 in construction industry is usually used for concrete batching of different raw materials. In this application, the harsh environment requests the strong ability of weighing indicator in anti-interference and anti-vibration. GMT-P1 has the vibration cancellation filter and intensify the A/D filter to better suit the harsh industrial environment.

Besides, there are more industrial application can use weighing transmitter GMT-P1.

GMT-P1 - Competitive Cost, Better Performance.

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