Digital Weighing System For QLD Flour Mill

Digital Weighing System For QLD Flour Mill

Scaco Pty Ltd (Australia) - Scaco has recently won the tender to supply a major flour milling plant in Brisbane with two Trade Approved silo weighing systems with Digital load cells.

At the heart of the system is the SYSTEC IT8000E digital indicator. This freely programmable indicator comes standard in stainless steel as a wall/desk mount or as panel mount unit. All SYSTEC indicators are rated at IP67.

With this particular installation each silo weighing system consists of three Flintec RC3D 30t Digital loadcells with mounting kits and a Flintec Digital Junction box. These are in turn connected to the SYSTEC IT8000E via their own digital scale card.

The IT8000E has been programmed to transmit weight data from both silos to the Site PLC via Profibus and also to two other devices independently via RS232.

This communication configuration allows for correct weight delivery from either silo, via the Profibus and PLC, whilst also allowing additional data transfer via the two RS232 ports for data logging or remote displays.

The IT8000E can connect up to 8 Digital loadcells with each scale card, and also operate two Data ports and two 2 x I/O cards. With the addition of the SPU expansion card another two data ports and 2 x I/O cards can be used.

More information about Systec IT8000E Weigh Terminal can be found here.

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