SCAIME DVX, a smart weighing Load Cell to drive Fillers and Checkweighers

SCAIME DVX, a smart weighing Load Cell to drive Fillers and Checkweighers

SCAIME S.A.S. (France) - Result of SCAIME's collaboration with several market leaders in packaging machines, the DVX digital load cell has been optimized for use in rotary fillers and dynamic checkweighers.

For machine manufacturers, reliability and weighing rates are key elements in measuring the performance of their equipment. These requirements will be perfectly satisfied by using the DVX sensor.


For a flawless operation, the DVX is built in stainless steel with an IP68/IP69K protection perfectly adapted to wet environments and high pressure washing. With its robust and compact design, it is available in several weighing capacities from 7.5 kg to 75 kg and offers high resistance to accidental overloads and lateral forces. Designed to be integrated into rotary filling machines, the DVX resists rough handling of the bottles and allows them to be weighed with an outstanding eccentricity capacity.

Accuracy and speed:

To achieve high accuracy at high speed, the DVX integrates electronics based on the latest generation 24-bit digital converter. This signal processing is complemented by powerful digital filters dedicated to vibration and mechanical disturbance reduction. The DVX load cell is also equipped with logic inputs/outputs allowing autonomous process control.


The DVX digital load cell offers two embedded software versions for filling applications or dynamic weighing for checkweighers.

  • In filling version, the DVX-D directly drives the valves and controls the entire filling process. The filling algorithm offers many functions optimized for high-speed rotary fillers.
  • In dynamic weighing version, the DVX-C can automatically detect the item to be weighed and calculates its weight on the fly with very high accuracy.

The efficiency of such specialized software allows to increase the weighing rate while reducing control tolerances, contributing to more homogeneous production.

DVX, performance and efficiency at the heart of packaging machines:

Beyond its performance, the DVX can be networked with the automation system to ensure real-time results monitoring and allow process parameter adjustments. SCAIME has also thought about the tools needed to quickly implement the DVX by providing eNodView. This PC software allows to configure the load cell, analyze the filling or checkweighing applications and optimize the machine performance.

Robust, accurate, fast and intelligent, the DVX offers manufacturers the assurance of achieving the best overall efficiency for their equipment.

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