Efficient integration and sales promotion - Chinese fast-food chain Ziyan chooses METTLER TOLEDO

Efficient integration and sales promotion - Chinese fast-food chain Ziyan chooses METTLER TOLEDO
METTLER TOLEDO (China) - METTLER TOLEDO is installing modern touchscreen scales from its UC Evo Line in over 200 branches of one of China’s leading fast-food chains after the company Ziyan chose to invest in METTLER TOLEDO weighing technology. Whether in China or anywhere else in the world, food outlets, delicatessen stores and grocery retailers can benefit from the comprehensive range of products and services from METTLER TOLEDO Retail.

In total, Ziyan operates more than 1,700 outlets in 24 towns and cities across China, making it the country’s front-runner in terms of number of company-owned branches. The dishes and food specialities on Ziyan’s menu are based on traditional Szechuan cuisine. Rather than providing seating, the chain’s basic concept is focused exclusively on take-away food and sidewalk vending.

State-of-the-art weighing technology for Shanghai:
Ziyan founder Mr. Zhong Chun Fa opened his first restaurant back in 1989 and has been using technology from METTLER TOLEDO for many years. Now, in a roll-out agreed on in 2012, Ziyan is fitting all 200 outlets in the Shanghai area with the very latest touchscreen scales from the UC Evo Line, branded locally as iSmart Evo. The hardware of these counter scales is based on the UC-HTT-M model, and they have a 12-inch customer display in addition to an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for employees. Tan Tingwei, Executive Assistant at Ziyan, comments: “The use of the Evo scales has brought new vitality in Ziyan's operation and management. The biggest beneficiaries are our customers. METTLER TOLEDO provides weighing, billing and checkout solutions for a better customer experience. Evo Line scales also feature a user friendly interface that is easily operated by store staff. The scales' stability and reliability ensures that staff members can provide professional service to customers, thus improving store sales.”

Thanks to the open PC platform of the scales, Ziyan can seamlessly combine transaction details with information management in order to steer the sales process more efficiently. “At Ziyan corporate headquarters, we immediately know the sales conditions of our stores, enabling us to analyze sales opportunities and make more accurate operational decisions,” continues Tan Tingwei.

Price overview and impulse buys:
While a customer is ordering food, Ziyan uses the large customer display on the scales to show both the price of each individual item added and the total price of the order so far. This ‘virtual receipt’, in the left-hand third of the screen, helps customers to keep a close eye on both the price of their purchases and their budget. Meanwhile, in the remaining two thirds of the display, slideshows present appealing images of new culinary creations in order to stimulate additional impulse buys.

International partner, local expertise:
METTLER TOLEDO has been active on the Chinese market since 1987. In addition to Ziyan, China currently has over 100 other large delicatessen or fast-food chains with hundreds or even thousands of outlets each. The country’s food retail sector is growing rapidly: there are currently more than 40,000 supermarkets and hypermarkets in China, many of them operating under banners such as Metro or Walmart. “As a globally active company, we support our customers with internationally scalable and replicable solutions,” says Julia Obstfelder, Head of Division Retail Marketing at METTLER TOLEDO. “Meanwhile, we also have excellent knowledge of local markets and the relevant requirements – such as calibration regulations or pricing and weight-labelling legislation – and always optimally align our products and services with those needs.”

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