Eilon Engineering Load Monitoring Useful Across a Variety of Industries

Eilon Engineering Load Monitoring Useful Across a Variety of Industries
Eilon Engineering Weighing Systems Ltd. (Israel) - Eilon Engineering industrial load monitoring solutions have a variety of uses across a surprising number of industries from wind power and offshore to shipping and foundries.

Eilon Engineering has been an industry leader in load monitoring for more than 30 years, manufacturing high-quality crane scales, dynamometers, hanging scales and load cells for all manner of heavy industry.

Routinely employed across a number of industries by leading companies such as Boeing, General Electric, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, GE and Rolls Royce, Eilon load monitoring products have a wide variety of applications including weighing; proof load testing; overload prevention; force, load and tension measurement; as well as cable and wire tension monitoring and control.

Wind power:
In the wind power industry, Eilon Engineering dynamometers and crane scales are increasingly being used in the construction, testing, and maintenance of wind turbines. They are used in wind turbine installation and dismantling, repair, and weighing and balancing of blades. Other uses include overload prevention and proof loads on the motorized hoist, measuring tension on tower guy wires, and blade-bearing inspection.

In shipping, Eilon products are used for weighing both incoming and outgoing shipments. Weighing incoming raw materials during unloading enables verification of suppliers' reports, which can result in significant savings. Weighing incoming raw materials also facilitates advanced stock management.

Knowing the exact weight of an outgoing shipment helps to reduce transportation costs, and identifying the precise weight being loaded onto a truck prevents truck overload, increases safety and reduces wear and tear on roads. It also helps drivers avoid fines for overloaded trucks.

During the casting process in a foundry, the accurate measurement of additives poured into molten material is very important. Weighing foundry ladles using wireless crane scales allows for the exact amount of additive to be calculated. In addition, foundry crane scales help to prevent wastage or damage caused by excess molten material.

For offshore applications, marine versions of the Eilon load monitoring systems are available. Special IP67/IP68 sealing protects the load cells from the harmful effects of sea water and even enables load cells to be momentarily submersed in water (up to 0.5m) without causing harm.

Load tests:
Proof tests include hoist and crane load testing, as well as anchoring points proof testing.

Anchoring point proof tests: For example, anchoring points that anchor a helicopter to a ship's deck. These anchoring points must be strong enough to secure the helicopter even in extreme weather conditions.

Lifting equipment proof tests: Below hook weighing devices should be checked when new and also periodically in order to ensure that the devices meet their safety factors and specifications.

A crane load test and proof test verifies that the device or structure complies with its specification and safety requirements. A proof test helps to prevent failure of the device or structure, which might result in an accident. A crane load test and proof test checks the objects under more stringent conditions than normal.

Multi-point lifting:
When loads are hung on several lifting points the problem of unpredictable load distribution occurs and requires real-time, continuous load monitoring. This situation often happens in stage rigging where light and sound equipment is hung above performers, stage hands and the audience. Such situations also occur in heavy lifting and when searching for center of gravity.

Other applications:
Some of the other applications in which Eilon Engineering load cells can be used include weighing during manufacture; controlled cable tensioning; stage and rigging safety; bollard pull tests; proof, strength and destruction tests; and process control and monitoring.

High-quality Eilon crane scales, dynamometers, hanging scales and load cells:

Ron 2501:

The wireless Ron 2501 dynamometer is particularly suited for hot industries like foundries where a cable will not survive the heat, as well as in applications where the use of cables is unfeasible. It is the smallest, lightest and most versatile wireless dynamometer on the market and critically ensures that the received and indicated value is 100% identical to the transmitted value. It is also available as a multi-cell system and a real-time load map can be viewed on any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Ron 3050 and Ron 3025:

The Ron 3050 and Ron 3025 crane scales are exceptionally small yet robust crane load measurement systems. Their small dimension ensures minimal headroom loss. This digital crane scale has a tough extruded aluminum body. An optional protective cage provides dampening from mechanical shock by use of special rubber cushions that make the Ron 3025 even tougher in harsh working conditions.

Ron 2125 and Ron 2150:

The Ron 2125 and Ron 2150 load cells allow the user to either hold the display in hand or attach it to the load cell to be read from a safe distance. Having the display separate from the load cell also increases the system's durability. Both models are small and light for easy portability with low headroom loss and come with a large 25mm or 50mm display for maximum readability.

Ron 2000:

The Ron 2000 is a small and light portable dynamometer for economic and easy-to-operate weighing. This digital dynamometer with strain gauge type load cell and reliable tension load meters is useful for force, tension, load and traction control, weighing during lifting, overload prevention and cable tension measurement. The indicator is separate from the load cell, ensuring user safety and system durability.

Ron StageMaster is a wireless and wired load monitoring system that enables real-time load mapping of multiple lifting points (practically unlimited number of load cells), as well as overload / underload prevention. The Ron StageMaster systems enable extremely long battery life and transmission range. They can be easily expanded and are web-server based with tablet / smart phone compatibility.

All Eilon Ron crane scales and dynamometers include:
  • High-quality aerospace steel for increased strength and safety
  • Shackle holes offset 90 degrees to reduce external movement
  • Battery life of up to 2000 hours (4000 hour option on wireless Ron 2501)
  • Short length for minimal headroom loss
  • Light weight and portable
  • Advanced wireless technology - multiple load cells can be read from a single laptop in real-time; long transmission range; and low energy consumption
  • All load cells are fatigue rated
  • Internal electronics fixed on dampening mounts to effectively absorb external impact
  • Fully tested and supplied with a test certificate, including a fully traceable calibration chart

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