Ensure Optimal Load Weight for Timber Transports with Tamtron One Timber

Ensure Optimal Load Weight for Timber Transports with Tamtron One Timber

Tamtron Group (Finland) - Press Release: The optimal load weight is vital for transport operators but often challenging to put into practice.

Entrepreneurs in the forestry sector must commit to legal and as accurate load sizes as possible. However, estimating load size is affected by many factors, such as challenging environmental conditions, snow and ice, natural variability in timber weight, and human error. Weighing is an important and integral part of the entire timber logistics chain. The aim is to avoid overload, especially for road safety. Overload can also be fined. Underweight, on the other hand, usually also means inefficiency at work and underutilization of time and other resources.

Tamtron One Timber helps to ensure optimal load weight for timber transports:

Tamtron meets the challenges of the industry with the new generation One Timber Crane Scale, which provides accurate weighing data to ensure that the right load weight is achieved. Loaded cargo always complies with the weight limits of the car and road traffic regulations.

”Weighing accuracy is the number one thing – it has to be finetuned to perfection and the operator’s way of working must not affect the accuracy of the scale. At Tamtron, we have been a partner of crane manufacturers and transport companies for decades, and we know the challenges in the industry. The One Timber Crane Scale is extremely accurate and enables optimized load performance in all conditions”, says Harri Pentinniemi, Product Manager at Tamtron.

The design and implementation of One Timber have taken into account the wishes of customers, experiences from the field in different environmental conditions and the entire industry. It is especially suitable for continuous loading and challenging conditions. The One Timber features a new generation Tamtron One display and strain gauge sensor that communicate wirelessly. The weighing sensor is based on strain gauge technology, so there are no moving parts or hydraulics that cause friction to affect the weighing result.

The right load weight available for the entire organization in real-time:

The One Timber Crane Scale also increases transparency between different actors throughout the timber logistics chain. The weighing data is automatically transferred from the scale to the cloud service One Cloud.

For example, work orders are easy to send to the driver and, correspondingly, the weighing data is automatically stored in real-time in the system without interrupting the work. The main contractor can again monitor all timber load volumes and schedules handled by subcontractors. Reporting and cooperation with the partner network can also be facilitated easily and reliably as the required information is in one place.

“The weighing sensor is ultimately a small part, but it plays a big role in how actors build trust with each other and with the entire business process, commerce and business. When data is stored in a reliable and secure One Cloud service, the weighing information is always correct and up-to-date. At the same time, all the necessary information and documents are combined with the weighing data, which in turn speeds up invoicing, among other things”, concludes Pauli Suoniemi, Tamtron’s Sales Manager in Finland.

Tamtron One Timber Crane Scale:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Robust weighing link for rugged conditions
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Battery life on average over 2 weeks (spare battery included in the delivery)
  • Loading style does not affect the weighing accuracy
  • Product support and updates to scale available remotely
  • 24/7 real-time data transfer with the One Cloud

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