First weigh-in-motion installation from CROSS in Saudi Arabia

First weigh-in-motion installation from CROSS in Saudi Arabia
CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Saudi Arabia) - During winter season 2012/2013 CROSS put into operation first two WIM systems in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from total number of 10. The solution features very complex system based on Kistler Lineas quartz sensors used for trucks pre-selection, with ANPR cameras and variable message signs. If overloaded vehicle is detected the driver is immediately informed via signaling system (green and red arrows) to leave the road. The system works in selective way, so that only overloaded trucks are informed and diverted.

This implementation in Saudi Arabia is an example of very effective system using CrossWIM with immediate impact to the roads protection as overloaded vehicles cannot continue.

The CrossWIM system works reliably and without problems even in extreme climatic conditions of desert of Saudi Arabia.

Weigh-in-Motion site in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia – The vehicle in the right lane is overloaded with steel bars and the signaling system tells him by red arrow to leave the road

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