General Measure ChexGo CW-60K Checkweigher for Wilmar Rice Pack Weight Check

General Measure ChexGo CW-60K Checkweigher for Wilmar Rice Pack Weight Check

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - General Measure ChexGo Series checkweigher is designed for production line dynamic weight check. There are different models with the weight range from 2g to 60kg, applying in the medical, food, cosmetic, chemical, logistic industrial, etc. CW-60K, with a wide weight range from 1kg to 60kg, is one of the most popular models for large pack/bag/box/bottle.

Wilmar is Asia’s leading agribusiness group founded in Singapore, whose annual sales of packed rice exceed 1.5 million tons. At present, there are over 80% of Wilmar rice mills in China applying General Measure’s weighing indicator/module, as well as checkweigher CW-60K in the rice packing automatic production line. There are different weights production lines for rice packing in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg and 25kg. No matter what the weight of the production line, the performance of CW-60 is stable. It helps our clients save workforce costs and protect their brand’s reputation by avoiding the products in short weight.

The Advantage of CW-60K Check Weigher:

  • Wide weighing range from 1kg to 60kg
  • High-speed and High-precision: 60pcs/min, ±10g
  • Stable Performance with low repair rate, <0.1%
  • Supporting automated production line
  • Cost-effective

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