General Measure Robust Remote Displays for Reliability and Functionality

General Measure Robust Remote Displays for Reliability and Functionality

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: General Measure's remote displays are designed for truck scale with stainless steel outer casing, IP65 standard, and a high-quality guarantee. These remote displays with large, extremely bright digits are excellent for viewing from wide angles and come complete with a stainless steel weather shield to provide exceptional viewing in direct sunlight.

It can be connected in several applications, most commonly to indicators that are connected to a weighbridge. This enables the truck driver and operator to easily viewed truck weights via the large 120mm or 65mm displays. The size of the large model GM8895 will be 905mm*295mm*258mm (with weather shield). The size of the small model GM8892 will be 582mm*228mm*200mm (with weather shield).

Some of these weighbridges are also configured with traffic light functions next to the remote display to instruct drivers on moving forward onto the weighbridge. Other applications, such as pallet weighing, is also an option for these remotes, enabling a forklift operator to easily weigh the weights when loading large items where the vision of the scale base may be impaired.

The remote displays offer unmatched flexibility with smart data recognition systems compatible with truck scale indicators, such as AD-4321, AD4323, TOLEDO, Fairbanks, R2500, UMC600, GSE50 serial, Rinstrum, WI-125, WI-127, DF1500, etc.

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