General Measure Weighing Indicator GMT-P1 Modbus TCP Communication Troubleshooting

General Measure Weighing Indicator GMT-P1 Modbus TCP Communication Troubleshooting

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: Hello, welcome to the General Measure's Channel. Today's topic is 'weighing indicator GMT-P1 (TCP) communication port troubleshooting'. After watching this video, you will know how to find out the Modbus TCP connection problem.

The main causes for TCP connection are two problems; one is hardware problem:

  1. Network cable connection problem.
  2. The chips or circuits of the indicator are broken.
  3. The external devices are broken.

Another is the communication parameter setting problem:

  1. The parameter setting error.
  2. The IP Address is duplicate.

Troubleshooting demonstration:

First, by connecting GMT-P1 with the network cable and the power supply, we can clearly know the network connection by checking the two indicator lights next to the network port slot.

  1. Green light is on, yellow light is flashing, which means the network is connected well.
  2. Both green light and yellow light are flashing, which means the connection failed. We need to reconnect the cable or power off the indicator and restart it.
  3. Neither green light nor yellow light is on, which means the connection failed as well. In this case, the chip or circuit of the network port may be broken. It is recommended to return to depot.

Then set the IP address and port number in the communication parameters of the GMT-P1; we need to set it as a unique IP that cannot be used in any other indicators. Otherwise, the connection will fail.

Open Modbus-Poll software, click Connection on the menu bar and set IP and port on the pop-up window. The IP and port should be consistent with those specified on the indicator. Otherwise, Modbus communication will fail.

If the communication is successful, it can be seen that the No connection at the top of the address table disappears, and then the data of Tx is constantly changing.

Suppose Modbus-Poll still displays a timeout message after following the above steps. In that case, the network port of the external network device may be broken, or the external network device (switch) is broken. Thus, you can change the external network port or change the external network device.

If the above troubleshooting methods cannot help you solve the problem, we can say it is the indicator hardware's problem. You can contact our technical support for help or return to depot.

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