Gibertini's new corporate video

Gibertini's new corporate video
Gibertini Elettronica srl (Italy) – The Italian company produces and sells instruments for wine, licour analysis and precision scales, has launched their new corporate video.

About Gibertini:
Gisberto Gibertini, graduated in general chemistry in Modena, after a few decades spent in the customs' chemical laboratories, found himself with a fancy for precision engineering, and especially for analytical balances.

Remembering the hard and laborious times to determine the density with Westphal balances, he develops the application of a floater calibrated in mass and volume thus creating the first hydrostatic balance which has become the symbol of the present "Gibertini Elettronica" making it famous (the world over).

In 1950 is born the father's artisan business with his four children all engaged in buildind not only balances but also, physically, the house and the laboratory destroyed by the war. After ten years an industrial configuration started to develop, with the hiring of collaborators, with the increment of the instruments range, the organization of a commercial network, at a regional level first, then national, and finally world-wide.

As years go by production of laboratory instruments grows (especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food areas) and now goes from balances to pH-meters to thermostatic baths; already from several years the company boasts a world-wide leadership in the field of oenological instruments and for paints dosage.

It produces moreover, whit its own technology, mechanical and electronic equipment for other companies, which are assembled and sold under their own brand.


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