Giropes obtains ENAC Accreditation for the Calibration of Weights and Scales

Giropes obtains ENAC Accreditation for the Calibration of Weights and Scales

Giropès SL (Spain) - From now on Giropes will be able to carry out their own ENAC calibrations in the GIRLAB laboratory.

The ISO 17025 certification held by the Giropes calibration laboratory is a regulation aimed at calibration and test laboratories that not only certifies the technical capability with which calibrations are carried out, but also reassures their customers. 

Now, the Giropes Girlab calibration and test laboratory has been certified by ENAC to issue these certifications for weights and balances with a very wide range of precision.
For weights, Giropes can issue certifications within the M1 precision range up to 2000kg and within the F1 precision range, between 1mg and 20kg. The company is also able to issue ENAC certifications to balances with up to 5 decimals places of precision and to large scales of up 150,000kg.

The work put into obtaining this accreditation allows us to provide a faster service to customers. The expansion of the facilities in 2018 was planned to be able to provide said service and the laboratory was designed to facilitate the required calibration tasks. 

"Quality has always been of utmost importance to Giropes, as has quality development with regards to the present and more demanding future market. We hope that this accreditation, as well as possible subsequent accreditations, will allow our customers and distributors to develop their companies to suit the quality requirements demanded by the market", concluded the company.

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