Giropès' weighbridge adapted to solve extreme situations in industrial weighing

Giropès' weighbridge adapted to solve extreme situations in industrial weighing
Giropès SL (Spain) - The weighbridge model BPGSM has been manufacturing by Giropès for more than a decade.

The weighbridge model BPGSM has a structure of longitudinal beams joined with metallic modules that form the rolling surface.

The standard version, model BPGSM is built to weigh trucks. Its dimensions go from 6x3m to 18x3m and the capacity from 30.000kg to 60.000kg.

The extensive experience gained in design and production over the last years has contributed to the manufacture and customization of this weighbridge structure according to customer requirements. In this way, the engineer department could adapt some characteristics of BPGSM weighbridge as well:
  • Dimensions and capacity according to the vehicles that have to be controlled. Giropes is able to evolve the structure for each situation.
  • Height of the rolling surface.
  • Type of weighing surface (plain sheet, diamond sheet, study of the thickness sheet due to the required capacity).
Then it is possible to produce BPGSM weighbridge for vehicles of 120t, or even more, to be used for the most extreme situations in industrial weighing.

The BPGSM versatility is not just for its structure also for its multiples accessories. The standard installation is on ground on concrete over strip footing. Although it is possible to install it with cubicles on concrete deck or asphalt in order to save costs in building works. It is also possible get the metal ramps.

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