Giropès GISCALE Software - Certifying Actual Prepackaging

Giropès GISCALE Software - Certifying Actual Prepackaging

Giropès SL (Spain) - Press Release: Thanks to software offered by Giropes, actual packaging can be certified easily and efficiently.

GISCALE is a software package designed and implemented by Giropes Solutions to achieve complete control of weighing systems during production.

Through Royal Decree 1801/2008 of 3 November, the Spanish Government complied with the European Economic Commission's directive relating to the making-up by weight or by volume of certain pre-packaged products.

This Royal Decree establishes standards regarding the nominal quantities for packaged products and the control of their effective content, meaning that packaging companies will have to control and regulate the packaging of their products.

To allow this control, Giropes has implemented various improvements in the GISCALE software that make it easy to certify the effective packaging of a product, with no need to keep a manual weight record of all the products made.

Optimising the production and packaging process, guaranteeing correct weights by eliminating wastage from unsuitable products, configuring all weighing stations on a given production line, real-time monitoring of all equipment and generating reports for internal or external quality control are just some of the considerable advantages of the GISCALE weighing software.

With the GISCALE software it is possible to register and control the weighing of a production line autonomously via a management computer, and to record the actual packaging of each product during the process.

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