GSP Series from Bizerba: Premium-Class Gravity Feed Slicers with New Integrated Checkweigher

GSP Series from Bizerba: Premium-Class Gravity Feed Slicers with New Integrated Checkweigher

Bizerba (Germany) - Bizerba introduces the GSP series of gravity feed slicers with an integrated portion scale as a tailored, high-performance solution for manual or semi-automatic operation. The GSP’s highlight is an optional, integrated portion scale with touchscreen, enabling slicing and weighing to be done in a single step. Furthermore, the device boasts extensive customization features apart from setting new hygiene, safety and energy-efficiency standards with its Bizerba-patented illumination technology and Ceraclean® components.

Bizerba's GSP H and GSP HD gravity feed slicers feature an ergonomic, inclined carriage, enabling easy handling also of heavy products. At the heart of the machine, the powerful motor and the innovative Emotion motor concept result in a quiet shop and sales environment while adapting the slicing performance to the product and load situation. The optional, servo-assisted, manual or semi-automatic operation additionally results in more effortless work. The machine does not heat up even with heavy workloads, and energy is applied where it should be: at the blade. This has a very positive effect on the freshness of the goods. Thanks to the optional Ceraclean® surface, the gravity feed slicer is easy to clean, and the product is easily fed towards the blade. The machines of the GSP series are available with different blades including Ceraclean® blades, grooved cheese blades or bread blades. Various carriage options are available with carriage inclinations of 18, 25 or 0 degrees for easily feeding the products towards the blade.

Optimized Operation:

The GSP series particularly stands out with its multiple variation and combination options. As a specific highlight, an optionally integrated portion scale for loads up to 3kg enables slicing and weighing to be done in a single step. The weight is displayed on a touchscreen which can also be used to conveniently select the blade speed. This way, products can be sliced to the customer’s target weight. Alternatively, frequently demanded meat or sausage products can be pre-sliced with gram accuracy without intervention by the sales personnel. Apart from processing using weight as the target quantity, products can also be sliced with a pre-defined number of slices, which additionally extends the new functionality of the GSP machines. Thus, the GSP slicer with integrated portion scale results in optimized processes, less waiting times and increased customer satisfaction especially in direct-sales environments.

Hygienic Design and Safe Operation:

The devices are also pioneering as far as straightforward and thorough cleaning is concerned. All Ceraclean® accessories are dishwasher-safe, and the large distance between blade and motor tower promotes easy manual cleaning of spots that are normally difficult to access. Contamination is minimized thanks to the dedicated drainage of meat and product juices, a stop plate with a drainage groove and an elevated outer edge. In addition to optimum hygiene features, safety was given top priority during the design process. The illuminated slice-thickness head unambiguously indicates the current operating mode of the machine: green indicates a closed thickness setting and a stationary blade, while red indicates an open setting. A smart, easily mountable quick-lock blade cover and a continuous machine surface without any edges or corners result in additional safety. Furthermore, a dedicated cleaning position also minimizes the risk that operators are injured by the blade because the carriage can be folded out for cleaning only in this position.

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