Highly Flexible and Easy to Clean: The CWRmaxx Checkweigher from Bizerba

Highly Flexible and Easy to Clean: The CWRmaxx Checkweigher from Bizerba

Bizerba (Germany) - The CWRmaxx checkweigher from Bizerba is the ideal solution for demanding environments with exacting hygiene requirements. Specifically designed for zones with intensive wet cleaning procedures, the innovative weighing solution reliably weighs and checks unpacked food. In addition, the CWRmaxx can be used for checking industrial goods. The network-enabled solution also boasts robust technology, a compact design and efficient handling, for instance during cleaning.

Thanks to its highly rugged and compact design, the CWRmaxx is optimally suited for production areas with intensive wet cleaning procedures. In particular, the scale is 100% waterproof due to its hygienic stainless-steel design. Its open-frame structure, rounded corners and minimized horizontal surfaces make cleaning the CWRmaxx particularly easy. Any liquids can easily flow off, and product residues can fall to the ground through the open structure, thereby avoiding any product contamination. Because all its components are fully waterproof, the checkweigher can be cleaned efficiently using high-pressure and steam-jet cleaners and allows the use of chlorinated and disinfecting cleaning agents. The CWRmaxx therefore is compatible with the highest hygiene and cleaning requirements of the food industry.

Robust and Flexible:

As opposed to competing solutions, a single drum motor drives the CWRmaxx‘s circulating modular belt that moves the products through the feeding, weighing and ejection platform. The robust modular belt is made of easy-to-clean plastic and lends itself to a variety of products and product packages including cans, boxes and canisters. Furthermore, the low friction coefficient of the modular belt allows the ejection of moist and sticky products to the side. It is also possible to implement custom conveyor solutions meeting specific requirements, for example for vehicle or machinery products, chemical goods and electronic products.

In combination with the tendency-control kit, the CWRmaxx optimizes the production process and ensures a 100-percent check of all products. It regulates the filler to achieve the optimum filling weight, eliminates costly overfilled or underfilled packages and thus guarantees consistent product quality. The CWRmaxx can also automatically sort products based on weight, enabling product classifications to be programmed for up to 80 weight classes. Data analyses can be made in a clear and time-saving manner using the BRAIN2 Statistics software.

Depending on the customer‘s preferences and the production environment at hand, the CWRmaxx features various application options and is available in different configurations with weighing ranges between 3,000 and 6,000 grams.

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