How Inscale Helped Zero-Waste Company Bare + Fair Legally Sell Products by Weight

How Inscale Helped Zero-Waste Company Bare + Fair Legally Sell Products by Weight

Inscale Scales Ltd (United Kingdom) - Inscale customer Bare + Fair, a zero-waste shop specialising in sustainable homewares and personal care products, wanted an affordable, simple and efficient way to measure quantities of their refill products by weight.

Introducing the AZextra:

To tackle the problem, they chose from Inscale the AZextra 6, a price computing scale with UK trade approvals for buying and selling products by weight. Designed by UK weighing scale manufacturer Adam Equipment, the AZextra combines a simple, easy-to-use interface and quick product look up system (PLUs), for conducting business transactions timely and with minimal effort.

Bare + Fair uses their AZextra scale to measure quantities of refill products by weight. This enables their customers to buy exactly the right quantity they need, and means that they can bring their own empty containers to refill - All of which helps the company in their mission to enable people in Woking to live more sustainably and reduce their waste!

Why Bare + Fair chose the AZextra?

"The scales are a valuable piece of equipment as they enable us to quickly tare containers, are simple to use and robust enough to deal with the outdoor environment of the market". – Bare + Fair

Explaining why Bare + Fair chose the AZextra over other types of trade approved scales, the company expressed that these scales could be integrated with a more sophisticated EPOS system than they currently use at the market, so the AZextra should be able to make the transition from the market stall into a permanent premises, offering excellent value for money.

Delivering great customer service:

When asked about how buying the AZextra had benefited their business, the company mentioned that customers had complimented their speedy service, and so having the right scales has certainly aided their ability to deliver great service to their customers.


About Bare + Fair:

Bare + Fair are a zero-waste shop in Woking, currently operating as a market stall on a Saturday but looking at more permanent premises for later in the year. They sell eco-friendly and sustainable homewares and personal care products, as well as refills of various household cleaners, laundry detergents, hair and body care products.

About Adam Equipment:

Adam Equipment are a leading UK weighing equipment manufacturer based in Milton Keynes. Established in 1972, the company prides itself in supplying scales and balances that cater a wide variety of industries including retail, industrial, medical, food and chemical.

Adam Equipment’s AZextra:

The Adam Equipment AZextra trade approved retail/shop scale supplied by Inscale, combines fast price processing technology with quick PLU recognition software that delivers all the features needed in today's retail environments. The AZextra has proven legacy as a robust, reliable POS scale, and for these reasons we believe it is the best price computing scale for retail/shop processing applications.

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