Article by Weigh-Tec: How to Plan a Truck Scale Site

Article by Weigh-Tec: How to Plan a Truck Scale Site

Weigh-Tec (United States) - Weigh-Tec has served as an experienced and knowledgeable scale provider for more than two decades. Our area of expertise includes heavy capacity truck scales, a product line that our skilled technical staff is happy to assist you with as you plan to expand your business.

If you’re considering making an investment in a new truck scale site, one of the first things you’ll need to plan is where it will go. Choosing a truck scale site involves careful evaluation of several factors, including how traffic flows throughout your plant, where you hope to put your foundation, what its electrical and conduit requirements are, soil and drainage conditions, ease of maintenance, and accessory placement. Weigh-Tec’s team of experts is happy to help you gauge these considerations.

Determine how efficient the flow of traffic in and out of your plant will be. Do you need space for trucks to maneuver? How about to park? Busier plants making approximately 100 or more weighments per day could benefit from a staging area, as a line of trucks should never overflow onto a street or highway.

The planning process for your new truck scale site should include plotting out traffic patterns on your flow map. Mark where trucks enter your site, load or unload material, and ultimately exit. Be sure to take note of any filling or dumping that will take place on-site so you can prepare for the necessary space.

Test this map using a full-size truck to drive around your plotted traffic flow. This way, you can identify possible hazards and tight spots before your drivers do, giving you time to make adjustments before beginning installation.

Deciding to create a new truck scale site is a considerable investment and should be planned out accordingly. Weigh-Tec offers consultations to help simplify site planning processes, whether you’re near our headquarters in Decatur, Alabama, across the country, or even beyond.

By Reilly Masters.

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