Innovations in Dibal’s PC Scale Technology

Innovations in Dibal’s PC Scale Technology

Dibal S.A. (Spain) - Dibal, the Spanish manufacturer of commercial scales and weighing and labelling equipment has updated its high-end scale, the touchscreen PC CS-1100 W which, according to the company, is now simpler, faster, better.

These software and hardware changes bring the following benefits:

More intuitive operating screens:

The design of the operating screens is one of the strong points of this scale. The CS-1100 W presents more modern, simple, very intuitive screens and fully tactile display which are easier to use and improve the experience of the salesperson.

Simpler and more flexible operations:

The touchscreen PC CS-1100 W is more than a scale because, as well as weighing, the customers can carry out integral management of their business. To do this, the screens have been designed with improved usability and accessibility, thereby achieving faster access to functions such as the registration of articles, sellers and sections.

Advertising in the scale:

The new version includes a comprehensive library of images and videos in the scale itself, which consists of promotional and visual support for the business. More than 250 advertising images and videos which can be displayed on the screen of the purchaser.

Higher performance:

The new PC scale is based on cutting-edge technology, and its new faster CPU ensures the scale has a high processing capacity, higher disk speed and maximum memory. It also includes a new SSD hard drive and RAM memory of up to 8 GB.

New features:

The built-in scanner option is another of the innovations in the new model of the CS-1100 W, converting it into an even more comprehensive scale. The seller cuts down time and errors in the sale with a fast code reading. In addition, its reduced dimensions and perfect integration into the scale enable optimisation of shop space. The 15” TFT touch screen has also been modified; the seller’s impression is of greater speed of response when carrying out screen operations.

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