Instrument Manager: management of all LAUMAS Weight Instruments from a PC

Instrument Manager: management of all LAUMAS Weight Instruments from a PC

On December 04, 2019

Location: Online (Webinar)

Laumas Elettronica SRL (Italy) - LAUMAS makes available for its customers Instrument Manager, a free software for the management of all our W-Series Weight Transmitters and TL-Series Weight Indicators from a Windows PC.

This tool allows the parameters configuration, monitoring, real calibration and updating of our instruments. This guarantees an easier and faster working method, as well as numerous advantages and opportunities.

You can immediately download the software and learn how to use it in all its features, by participating in our free Webinar.

The Webinar will take place on December, 5th 2019 at 4PM CET (Central Europe Time):

The Webinar will introduce the participants to all the operations that the software allows to manage from a PC:

  • Configuration: Complete configuration of an instrument by setting the values of all the functional parameters. The configuration will be much easier and faster thanks to a clear and intuitive interface.
  • Monitoring: Real time monitoring of the weight read by the instrument to analyze the pattern in relation to setpoint, stability and digital inputs / outputs.
    For Multichannel Weight Transmitters, you can see in real  time the weight distribution on the various load cells connected to the instrument and the mV values individually read on each channel. This will make the diagnostic operations much easier.
  • Real Calibration: Real calibration of an instrument using sample weights and real time display of the weight read by the instrument and of any corrections made by the user.
    For Multichannel Weight Transmitters, selection of channels and equalization of an instrument in order to standardize the weight when its position on the platform varies.
  • Updating: Continuous updating of the instruments by automatically downloading from the internet the latest firmware released by LAUMAS.

Instrument Manager allows you to save the configurations associated with the installed instruments, making you more independent and speeding up the next setting operations on the same type of instruments.

You can also save the real calibration and easily recover it during the assistance phase in the event of a faulty instrument to replace.

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