Intelligent Solar Technology with SOEHNLE Scales

Intelligent Solar Technology with SOEHNLE Scales

Soehnle (Germany) - Protecting the environment begins on a small scale. Almost 98 per cent of Germans speak in favour of an increased use of solar energy in everyday life. SOEHNLE consistently uses solar energy to run its personal and kitchen scales. Equipped with high-performance solar technology and extra large solar cell panels, they ensure optimal performance, even with little or artificial light. This does not only protect the environment but also your wallet.

The first body analysis scales with solar technology:
With its Solar Fit scale, SOEHNLE is offering a body analysis scale with solar technology for the first time. In addition to body weight, it calculates body fat and water and even your Body Mass Index (BMI) without any problems. The Solar Fit will be presented for the first time at the Ambiente 2013 in Frankfurt, the largest product showcase fair in the world. Also new: the Solar Star digital personal scale. Just like the analysis scale it runs on solar energy and convinces any user by its high performance: the most exact weighing precision to the nearest 100 grams guaranteed – made possible by their 4-sensor technology. The flat construction of both scales together with their generous tread surfaces made of unbreakable safety glass ensures the highest safety standards. With their elegant design in grey (Solar Fit) and white (Solar Star) they are a stylish must-have for figure-conscious people with taste.

Digital kitchen scales Easy Solar:
Even in the kitchen weighing without batteries is possible. With a precise one-gram weighing graduation and a load capacity of up to 5 kilograms, digital Easy Solar kitchen scales enable the exact measuring of flour, sugar and co. They have already been awarded the environmental certification “The Blue Angel” for their clever power supply with the latest solar technology. The removable weighing platform made of unbreakable safety glass can be lifted off very easily and cleaned hygienically in the dishwasher. Available in the colours grey and white, the Easy Solar fits in harmoniously with any kitchen.

User friendliness is also a main area of focus at SOEHNLE. This is why all scales have a large, high-contrast LCD display, on which weight measurements can be easily read.

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