Interface Announces the New Model LBMU Ultra Compression Load Button

Interface Announces the New Model LBMU Ultra Compression Load Button

Interface, Inc. (USA) - Interface, Inc. the recognized specialist in force and torque measurement technology, is pleased to announce the availability of the new Model LBMU Ultra Compression Load Button. No other load button in the world can meet or beat the accuracy of the Interface LBMU. Originally developed as a custom product for a leading medical manufacturer, the LBMU has a specially contoured flexure profile with special multi-grid gages, and enhanced flexure stiffness. What that means for our customers is higher accuracy and enhanced eccentric load rejection leading to better repeatability.

The LBMU is made of stainless steel and is available in 100, 250, 500 and 1K lbf (0.45, 1.10, 2.20 and 4.45 kN) capacities. It has a 100% improvement in nonlinearity, hysteresis and nonrepeatability specifications than a standard load button, and improved temperature compensation. Additionally, it requires less power to operate because of its 700 Ohm bridge resistance and 5 VDC excitation voltage.

Ken Vining, Head of Engineering at Interface, Inc., says: “The enhanced eccentric load rejection of the LBMU makes it more tolerant to off axis loading, which helps to reduce error and makes it more forgiving in less than pristine test environments."

Ted Haller, President and CEO of Interface, Inc., says: "It is superior to any other load button on the market.”

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